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Euro Residence V.I.P – a beachfront residential complex, Alanya - Alanya

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Prompt sale €120,000 - Apartment
1303 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms2 Garages Print this page

Euro Residence V.I.P is an upscale beachfront holiday residential complex.

 Building materials and fit-out works are of excellent quality.

This residential complex is located in the best region of Alanya, along the Dim River right near the seafront. Balconies and bedroom windows face the Mediterranean Sea, the Taurus Mountains, ancient fortress of Alanya and the Dim River. The apartment is remarkably spacious and has luxurious decoration. In modern new-builds, unfortunately, you rarely can find such floor-space (130 sq.m. for 3 rooms). Apartments in buildings located close to each other also have the same problem. Such situation is conditioned by high land price.

All the apartments and entrance halls have flooring of upscale quality. All the balcony and terrace doors have roller blinds. Inhabitants are mostly Europeans (the Dutch, Norwegians, the Danes).


  • right the a beachfront, opposite famous Orange Plaje
  • along the bank of Dim River
  • 5 km from Alanya city centre
  • close to all the public infrastructure

New apartment

  • Big living room and nominally separate kitchen
  • Kitchen fully equipped with SIEMENS appliances
  • Granite counter, splash panel above the sink
  • Main bathroom with hot pot, marble finishing
  • Fully furnished bathroom, built-in washbasin with a granite counter
  • All the rooms have arched ceiling with built-in lightning with a dimmer for intensity control
  • Satellite television and telephone in each room
  • All the rooms have marble flooring including balconies
  • Air-conditioning and mosquito nets
  • Double windows, mosquito nets and roller blinds on every window
  • Locker in the basement floor for each apartment

Please note that pictures of this apartment were taken on a cloudy day.



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