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Acquisition of real estate in Turkey ensures a right to get permanent residence in Turkey. The right is given to the buyer himself/herself as well as to members of his/her family – spouse and children.

Currently one gets a long-term permanent resident card right after real estate purchase. Earlier one had to get a long-term visa at his home country, but now the law became a little more liberal. New law, which came into force on April the 18th, 2014, made it possible to get a permanent resident card for a year without leaving Turkey.

How and where can I get a permanent resident card (PR card)?

 Starting from 2014 there is a plastic card instead of a small grey book. It is issued by local police office (by a Foreign Citizens Department). You can find such departments in every big city: for example, in Antalya region they are Antalya and Alanya. After you file needed documents with a police office, you get a certificate stating that your Turkish PR card is under consideration. Until the plastic card is issued this certificate is a legal foundation of your stay in Turkey even is your visa is invalid. However, you have to file the documents during the visa grace period.

List of documents:

  1. Foreign passport in original, photocopy of first page (with your personal data and photo), photocopy of a page with an admission mark. First page of your passport should be translated into Turkish.
  2. An application form filled in Turkish language, one for each member of a family. In ‘Visa Type’ field you should indicate ‘long-term inhabitancy’. Indicate ‘real estate possession’ as a basis for permission to stay. In some cases you may fill in an application form in Russian or English.
  3. 4 color photographs (3×4 cm)
  4. Tapu copy (certificate of property right)
  5. Bank statement (your account should contain 50 TRY per person per every day of your stay). You can open an account both in Turkish or your local bank).
  6. International medical insurance (family or individual for every member of a family)


 You have to pay for you PR card issue (50 TRY) and state duty (53 TRY). This information is valid as of 2014 and is subject to change.

Who should I contact in case I am to file documents for a PR Card on my own?

  1. Foreign Citizens Department. If you are to file documents for a PR Card on your own, you should enquire with a police office, a Foreign Citizens Department. You need to apply to a police office close to the place of your residence or to your real estate by previous appointment. Here you will be given application forms and a list of required documents.
  2. In case you do not have a bank account at your country, you will have to set it up at any Turkish bank. To do this you need to get a non-resident tax number. You will also need it for paying duties.
  3. Translational services. To translate first page of your foreign passport you have to apply to a certified translator. Such services are provided at any notary office.

As directives can be changed and process of document filing can be painstaking, we offer complex intermediary services. Upon real estate acquire we undertake control over:

  1. Translation
  2. Filling of application forms
  3. Contacts with Foreign Citizens Department officers
  4. Preparing and filing of all the documents
  5. Receipt of documents.

All the buyers get our services free of charge: you will have to only pay the duties.




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